July 28, 2003

My biggest fans

Sorry for the delay in posting; I've had little time for blogging this last week.

I'm the owner of two cats.





(Their names came from the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off.) These two are brother and sister Ragamuffin / Norwegian Forest mixes. We adopted them from Another Chance Cat Rescue. If you are living around Atlanta and looking to adopt a cat or kitten, I highly recommend talking to the people there. I think Ferris and Sloan are very happy that ended up in the home of someone who works with yarn. They consider my afghans to be prime nap spots and love to play with my yarn if given the chance. They really don't mind what I'm making or how it turns out. If it's made of yarn, they love it.

I'm very excited that I got my yarn in the mail.


Now I can finish Charlotte's sundress.


The rest of the yarn is for an embroidered jacket for Charlotte that I started last week. Here's my progress so far.


A finished picture of the jacket can be found on this page.
Debbie Bliss Embroidered Jacket

I'm still plugging away on the poncho and scarf and should have pictures later this week.

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